Ahsanul Kabir Anik

Embrace The Dark Side

Melody Of The Divine Silence

Winds of Aeolus, glazed in despair,
A divine impulse of pain,
Haunted by the reality I cannot repair.
I found the love of my life, you kept searching however,
Made me keep my words, as I promised to wait forever.
Diseased in ordeal, my spirit fades,
Is there a remedy or is there none?
Everything is gone, yet the pain carries on.

Your whispers echo through the halls
Losing sanity, I fight to forget. Continue reading “Melody Of The Divine Silence”


The Final Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony

Why are dreams so deceiving?
I kept dreaming while everything trembled before me
The storm of emptiness prevailed as she left without any regret
Killed all emotions and turned me into a lifeless silhouette
Lost in the darkest of any day with my soul betrayed
I stood in disbelief while my friends began to fade
Sudden unforeseen melancholy approached in disguise
Delirious from the narcotics I kept smiling at my own demise Continue reading “The Final Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony”

Song Of The Mute Raven

The dawn of a new day brings forth the dawn of darkness.
Stuck in the wrong side of heaven
Where prayers do not reach
And blood sheds more than tears.
Our cries don’t overlap the sirens of death,
Fighting for the flag till the end of every breath.
Walking well armed, witnessing kids playing in the sands
The war continues and I wipe my tears
While I dig their graves with my own hands.
Kids, elders offered no compromise
They live, waiting for their demise.
The memories of the dead wars with my smile
This war holds no merit
Killing millions, leaving no one to benefit. Continue reading “Song Of The Mute Raven”

Lullaby Of A Verisimilitude Existence

I crave the era when life was elementary
Attaining triumphs with limited efforts
But if I had never followed the rainbow
Never chased the direction where the winds usually blow
All my sovereignty would never have met reality Continue reading “Lullaby Of A Verisimilitude Existence”

Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony – II

Been years, yet prosperity remains a distant memory
Insidious dreams still so imaginary
Lost in Hades, I sat down for her, waiting
But she never came back, while I just kept burning
Was it that easy for her to leave?
Or was love never there in the first place?
A fool I remained, watching her fade away into the horizon
She never glanced back and kept walking without any grieve
Destiny brought us together but why did she choose to leave? Continue reading “Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony – II”

Dawn Of Dysphoria

Here comes the dawn of a new day, living the same life, after the same trends and the same chain of commands to fit in with the society. Dreams, such a wonderful fragment of imagination visualizing seamless fantasies and desires to the common man, giving birth to various visions and ambitions. The sole reason an individual pursues a dream is to achieve happiness but the insidious question remains, are we really happy or trapped in a mirage mind boggled by the verisimilitude aspects of life? Because the only dreams that matter are the ones we have while awake. Mankind has reached out so far beyond the heavens that all our creations have become the triggers to our own demise. We become so associated with our daily agendas that we become unaware as the crepuscular bleakness slowly devours all emotions and enters the mind into a state of total obscurity where we are nothing more than prisoners. In the mind, there is sheer darkness with untraceable voices echoing from all horizons which casually depletes every single drop of enthusiasm and persistence inside of us, thus defecates the elements of frustration and anxiety, turning us into the very monsters we once feared as youngsters. Are we happy?
Continue reading “Dawn Of Dysphoria”

Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony

Prosperity lost into the ceaseless abyss
Insidious dreams yet so imaginary
Drowning in a sea of lies and deception
While resilience fading to non existence
Perceiving numerous allies under my sight
But none looks back to see if I am alright

I am lost in a sea of morbid obscurity with no one to turn
Forsaken by everyone and helped by none, deluded by the
virtue of losing my special one
Everyday is a deja vu
Where misery and deformity are relevant
Recalling long deceased memories from a scarred feather
Still telling myself that we belong together Continue reading “Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony”

Cemetery Of Fragmented Dreams

Why do we all have to witness buried memories rising up from the endless oblivion after the sun goes down? Every night as the eyes tire down, ascents the horizonless flashbacks of memories that we do not want to recall. Planing to be happy everyday but yet we be unaware of the horrific mental torture that dwells in the near timeline.

We walk around the streets with clouds of depression devouring us every second. The streets filled with hundreds of people yet the loneliness thrives past all the faces. The deceitful time shows authentic mirages that everything is going to be elegant and soon the darkness will devour itself and will leave no margin for error for the rise of the era of prosperity. We might think it’s nothing but an immaculate misconception as the dark clouds block our vision towards the light. We fall to the ground like frozen leaves in the winter, receiving no warmth and no affection into a world of obscurity and imperfection. Continue reading “Cemetery Of Fragmented Dreams”

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