Why are dreams so deceiving?
I kept dreaming while everything trembled before me
The storm of emptiness prevailed as she left without any regret
Killed all emotions and turned me into a lifeless silhouette
Lost in the darkest of any day with my soul betrayed
I stood in disbelief while my friends began to fade
Sudden unforeseen melancholy approached in disguise
Delirious from the narcotics I kept smiling at my own demise

Every day is an endless array of flashbacks aired
Paranoid I remain, haunted by the memories we shared
Losing all hope, voices of regrets started echoing
Our dying love, I couldn’t save
Our dying friendship, I couldn’t value
Life spent in delusions now ceased to seem worth living
Miserable years spent thinking death was what I craved
Now that I feel death is here
I realise, all I wanted was to be saved

As time passed by, my mind proved to be my worst enemy
Every song brings life to a million dead memories
I’m left so lonely, even my shadow decided to flee
I cried endlessly while even my reflection laughed at me
The voices in my head don’t stop
Heaviness in my heart won’t let me breathe
I’m sorry for not being the perfect friend
I’m sorry for not being your perfect boyfriend

I wander around in the blaring somber rain
Drenched in sorrow, I decay awaiting for your reply
The sands of time pities none
This may just be our last goodbye
I know you’all hate me and wished I was lost at sea
But today I hold my hands in hope
And perhaps someday you all would forgive me.

The 1st Symphony  –  Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony

The 2nd Symphony – Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony – II