Prosperity lost into the ceaseless abyss
Insidious dreams yet so imaginary
Drowning in a sea of lies and deception
While resilience fading to non existence
Perceiving numerous allies under my sight
But none looks back to see if I am alright

I am lost in a sea of morbid obscurity with no one to turn
Forsaken by everyone and helped by none, deluded by the
virtue of losing my special one
Everyday is a deja vu
Where misery and deformity are relevant
Recalling long deceased memories from a scarred feather
Still telling myself that we belong together

I wear a mask and pretend to be happy
Serving smiles and hoping things will sort out itself
Hundreds of nights have passed in solitude, the feelings
just don’t die
The distinct certainty doesn’t hide, And I realize
In the silence of the dark I am only fooling myself

I wander around in the blaring somber rain
Procuring a place of hope and content harmony
If only I had a home up in the sky
Where I could hide alone and cry
Where your memories could not reach
And perhaps one day i could forget about this vitriol

The 2nd Symphony  –  Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony – II

The Final Symphony  –  The Final Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony