Why do we all have to witness buried memories rising up from the endless oblivion after the sun goes down? Every night as the eyes tire down, ascents the horizonless flashbacks of memories that we do not want to recall. Planing to be happy everyday but yet we be unaware of the horrific mental torture that dwells in the near timeline.

We walk around the streets with clouds of depression devouring us every second. The streets filled with hundreds of people yet the loneliness thrives past all the faces. The deceitful time shows authentic mirages that everything is going to be elegant and soon the darkness will devour itself and will leave no margin for error for the rise of the era of prosperity. We might think it’s nothing but an immaculate misconception as the dark clouds block our vision towards the light. We fall to the ground like frozen leaves in the winter, receiving no warmth and no affection into a world of obscurity and imperfection.

The murky appearance of life holds back all luminous elements of optimism and only highlights the ones that showcase abjection and anxiety. Depression may seem to be a normal mental disorder that decreases human persistence but on a more harsh note it causes people to be torn down from the inside, physically as well as mentally and on regular accounts causes people to take medical supplements to escape the grasp of reality for a few hours while being unable to harmonize with life events. Sitting at the corner of the pitch dark room, shedding endless tears, popping one pill after the other and thinking about committing suicide because we can not bear the grief of seeing our sun shining at someone else’s sky or to experience bitter disappointment on every step of life.

The saddest principle of human existence is that life begins when we are out of our comfort zones. We keep dreaming while life carries on ahead of us and we miss the opportunities we seek. No matter how dark the days come we must always face the light and let the shadow fall behind us. Never be afraid to pursue your dreams even if the world is against you. Most people who have never tried a particular thing themselves will tell you its arduous and impossible. Always remember, birds born in a cage think flying is an illness. You will never realize your own capabilities until you put yourself out into the real world. Don’t do something just because everyone else is doing it regardless of whether its good or bad. Never blame the society. The society doesn’t make us. Its us, Its the people who make the society. Do what you want. Be who you want. Don’t be a follower, make your own path and make a difference. We will not tremble, we will not fall, we will rise above all the odds. The sands of time never stops for anything so neither should we. We will achieve what we have been seeking and not give up till the day our heart stops beating.