Name: Ahsanul Kabir Anik

Writer/Contributor at The Huffington Post

Writer/Contributor at Prestigious Writers

Date Of Birth: 9th October

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Religion: Islam

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hobbies: I play drums in a metal band. I was very fond of online games, but stopped gaming in mid-2015 due to priority issues. Games I played include: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms, Battlefield 4, CounterStrike:Global Offensive, Insurgency, Payday 2 etc. In my spare time I love to express my feelings and emotions through writing poems and articles. Love watching movies, listening to music and reading books.

Music Taste: I am really fond of all types of music.But my most favourite would be metal. Death Metal, Thrash Metal and Progressive Metal being my most favourite subgenres.

Bio: Hi, I’m Anik. I Like Pizza. *without breaking eye contact, takes a sip of martini* hahaha xD. My full name is Mir Mohammed Ahsanul Kabir Anik Ariyan, my friends call me by the name Anik. I am a really friendly person, I love making friends, meeting new people all around the world. And I extremely love to help people and listen to their problems and giving them solutions. If you have any problems or are facing a difficult situation then please be sure to contact me on facebook by the aforementioned link. And if you like my writings or my blog then please be sure to like, share, follow and criticize as it helps me a lot and it keeps me motivated to write more and more by knowing that you people are supporting me. I hope all your dreams and desires come to reality someday. Thank you very much for visiting my profile. Keep that beautiful smile alive and stay awesome.