I crave the era when life was elementary
Attaining triumphs with limited efforts
But if I had never followed the rainbow
Never chased the direction where the winds usually blow
All my sovereignty would never have met reality

Life presented obstacles and barricades
Built with a gleaming essence of poignance
I watched the winter of discontented harmony flourish
Starting the forthcoming of seamless dilemma
But I remained faithful and continued my reign of dominance

Now success and fortune are at my feet
I sleep under an air conditioner and away from the heat
To Life I never stood motionless and bowed
Rose above all the hate and never gave up
And today my parents hug me and say “son you have made us proud”

I have all the money and happiness in life
Proud parents, beautiful children and a loving wife
I have no despair in life which taught me all the lessons I learned
I roam around the streets with my loved ones
Embroidered with the honour and respect I have earned

To my wife I am a successful companion with no flaws
To my kids I am a superhero, they call me super daddy
But As The time passed by
The clouds cleared
My mind came back to the reality which had no colour
I wiped the tears from my eyes
Realising I was nothing but a mere rickshaw puller