Been years, yet prosperity remains a distant memory
Insidious dreams still so imaginary
Lost in Hades, I sat down for her, waiting
But she never came back, while I just kept burning
Was it that easy for her to leave?
Or was love never there in the first place?
A fool I remained, watching her fade away into the horizon
She never glanced back and kept walking without any grieve
Destiny brought us together but why did she choose to leave?

She said she had enough, kicked me and shattered my heart to pieces
I became a prisoner of the mind, hiding from all the laughing faces
Once a lonely wolf, scared of the world outside
But never realised the loneliness that lived inside
She came into my life like a mistress in disguise
But the bridge of trust soon collapsed with her burden of lies
The cries of despair made me blind to night and dawn
I sat motionless hoping she was not gone
As time passed by, the drugs began to hit the veins
*tick *tock went the clock
And soon the scavengers of depression started to feed on my remains

I linger in the silence with a broken chalice of hope
Believing one day she will come back to embrace this lone wolf
I know no boundaries, I know no shame
Let thousand of years be passed, I will never forget your name
Our dying love, it prays in vain to live
Help it survive, there is no harm done which you can’t forgive
The silence speaks and darkness sees,
The dreams we had are still living in the pages we drew
No matter what happens, the truth is I will always love you

I wander around in the blaring somber rain
Procuring a place of hope and content harmony
If only I had a home up in the sky
Where I could hide alone and cry
Where your memories could not reach
And perhaps one day I could forget about this vitriol

The 1st Symphony   –   Restless Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony

The Final Symphony  –  The Final Memoirs Of The Vitriol Symphony